A good holiday starts with good food

Well-being begins with a cuisine that is well-kept, tied to the earth, traditional, fresh, tasty, creative and of high quality.
The commitment and enthusiasm come together to offer our guests the scents and flavors of traditional and, at the same time, innovative cuisine.

Culinary specialties created with the best local products, creative encounters between Mediterranean lightness and alpine vitality. The chefs of the Relais Vecchio Maso will delight your palate with innovative refinement.
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If you have intolerances or special needs, don't worry. Communicate immediately at reception or to our restaurant's maitre, we will offer you a specific menu suited to your needs.

Almost every evening you will find some typical dishes of our region on the menu!
Discover the local culinary culture, the result of the influence of Tyrolean and Austrian cuisine.

Our Breakfast

To start the day in the best way

We firmly believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
There are those who do not use a generous cup of coffee, those who prefer tea and biscuits, those who prefer breakfast and those who prefer savory ...

... Precisely for this reason we offer a complete and varied buffet, to meet different needs and habits!

Sweet Breakfast

Sweet breakfast

For the "sweetest" palates, our buffet offers a choice of multiple types of biscuits, fresh homemade bread, various types of jam, Nutella, crapfen, croissants (empty or filled), tarts of the day and much more!

Savory Breakfast

Savory Breakfast

For those who prefer a more calorie and protein breakfast, on our buffet you can find a wide choice of meats, cheeses and cold cuts. Of course, for lovers of English breakfast, we prepare scrambled eggs and bacon every morning!

The Dinner

Traditionality that makes the difference

Culinary specialties created with the best local products, creative encounters between Mediterranean lightness and alpine vitality. The chefs of our Relais will delight your palate with innovative refinement.

The dinner, if not included in the stay, has a cost of € 28.00 per person (drinks not included).
For our younger guests we also offer a simpler children's menu daily at a cost of € 16.00.

Full dinner includes:

Vegetable Buffet
First Course
Second Course
Fruit and Dessert Buffet

Every day our kitchen offers three different choices for each course, with an ever repetitive and constantly evolving menu that follows our culinary policies:

A high quality of raw materials and a careful and accurate preparation of the dishes.

Our Starters

Delicious, refined and tasty.
Simple or sophisticated, in Italian cuisine appetizers cannot be missing!
Antipasto 1
Antipasto 2

Our First Courses

The first courses of the Italian culinary tradition are many and we like to indulge ourselves, presenting a menu that is never repetitive and always full of novelties.
Primi Piatti

Our Second Courses

The Italian culinary tradition is repeated with main courses. Our dishes are distinguished by flavor and softness thanks to the high quality of the products used.
Secondi Piatti


From 8:00 to 10:00 am


You will soon find us open every day even for lunch!


From 7:00 to 9:00 pm

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